Image showing NOTTIP Demonstrations in Brussels Image Courtesy: Global Justice Now © flickr

TTIP Behind Closed Doors: A Fresh Start for Transparency?

The eighth round of negotiations just ended in Brussels, yet it seems the question of transparency is still not resolved. Despite intense communication efforts, attempts to bring an end to the transparency debate are losing momentum. So where do we really stand on transparency? What is left to do? And how far should we go? In this video we provide some insights by experts from both sides of the debate. More ...

A word cloud taken from an article on the European Debt Crisis / Euro Crisis. Image Courtesy: EuroCrisisExplained © flickr

The Euro Crisis: Is Trade the Solution?

Five years have passed for the European Union to consider the causes of the Euro Crisis; five years to implement reforms, and five years to kickstart growth. So where do we really stand? How did we get here? And what is left to do? We sat down with some experts from both sides of the debate to find answers More ...

The Global Economic Dynamics project (GED) makes complex economic dynamics transparent and understandable. The project examines the causes and effects of economic trends, as well as the connections linking one trend to another.

The project provides information, insights, data and studies and covers topics as globalisation, the transatlantic free trade deal (TTIP), The Euro / EU, Wage inequality in GermanyGrexit – the Greece debt crisis, Brazil, Argentina’s debt crisis, Pacific Pumas – Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Chile as well our VIZ visualisation tool.