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Should G7 Contemplate Fiscal Devaluation as a Route to More Growth?

On June 7th and 8th the heads of state and governments of the seven most important industrialised countries will meet for the G7 summit at Schloss Elmau. One question that will be addressed is how to increase economic growth and employment. To tackle this task, G7 states will have to overcome several severe challenges. This blogpost aims to shed light on one possible solution to those challenges: fiscal devaluation. More ...

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Transatlantic Data Flows and Data Protection: The State of the Debate

Last week we talked about the benefits and challenges of transatlantic data flows in the 21st century. This week we want to look at the challenges in particular, though in a less theoretical light. We want to explore, what the state of play regarding data flows and data protection between the EU and the US is right now. What regulatory systems are in place and what are the immediate developments we can expect in this relationship. More ...

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UPCOMING: GED-Seminar on Digital Trade
“Shaping Free & Safe Transatlantic Data Flows: Benefits & Challenges”

Over the past twenty years, cross-border data flows have become a strategic and necessary element of the transatlantic economic relationship. But while they contribute highly to vast economic growth on both sides they also come with their own set of complex regulatory burdens and risks. On our “Transatlantic Data Flow Conference” we want to discuss those benefits and challenges and think about how to best shape data flows between the US and the EU in the future. More ...