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Is the ECB's Policy of Low Interest Rates Correct?
Europa Briefing: Low Interest Rates

Over the past year, the ECB has implemented a low interest rate policy in order to revive the economy and stabilise inflation in the euro area. This includes an asset-buying program known as quantitative easing or QE. This briefing examines both benefits and risks of such a policy. How imminent are such risks and what other options for governments could there be? More ...


What's the Cost of Europe?
Europa Briefing: EU Budget

Although the EU budget is comparitively small, it remains a controversial topic. Brexit will further fuel the debate on rebates and redistribution. This Briefing takes a closer look at where the EU gets its money from and who benefits most from its spending. It also examines current proposals to render the budget more transparent and efficient. More ...

Mix, copyright from left to right: ged own material, Rob Shenk, Gage Skidmore and Duncan Hull @ Mix, copyright from left to right: ged own material, Rob Shenk, Gage Skidmore and Duncan Hull @

The Best of GED - 2017
Catch up on the GED team's favourite blogposts from 2017

As is tradition, we want to celebrate this completion of yet another year of GED economic expertise with you, our faithful audience. For that we have selected our two favorite blopogst for each month this year, which we present to you here in chronological order: More ...

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How Stable Are Europe’s Banks?
Europa Briefing: Banking Union

The Banking Union was established in 2012 to break the vicious cycle of fragile banks and weak public finances in the euro area. However, some key elements necessary for its completion are still missing. This briefing analyses further steps needed in order to complete the Banking Union and looks at how stable European banks are almost a decade after the crisis. More ...

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What Kind of Coordination for the Eurozone?
Europa Briefing: Economic Government

During the euro crisis, decisions had to be made under enormous time pressure. New institutions and rules were created. This briefing looks at how decisions in the Eurozone are made today and whether there is a democratic deficit. Does the currency union need new and better control mechanisms - maybe even up to the point of a genuine European economic government? More ...

WTO headquarters in Geneva by Nicolas Nova @ WTO headquarters in Geneva by Nicolas Nova @

Bolstering the Multilateral Trading System – Some Fresh Ideas
A work program for the WTO presented by the high-level board of experts on the future of global trade governance

In order to pursue its mandate and objectives, the members of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) should launch a work programme to foster a better understanding of the factors that have enabled institutional innovation in some policy areas but not in others, and to reflect on the role of established working practices in constraining the ability of the organisation to achieve its mandate. More ...

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Two Years into the Digital Single Market Strategy – Where Do We Stand?
It’s not only about roaming fees, in order to be a success, the Digital Single Market Strategy needs to achieve much more

Europe is lagging behind in the digital economy. The reason for this is not a lack of business ideas in the digital economy, the reason is that the current institutional and technical environment is not as conducive to growth as it should be. The Digital Single Market Strategy addresses some of these issues. But does it do enough? This blogpost reviews what has been achieved and what still needs to be done. More ...

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Do We Need an EU Solution for Sovereign Debt?
Europa Briefing: Sovereign Debt

High levels of sovereign debt have become a hotly-debated issue in the Eurozone. The euro crisis has shown how difficulties in one euro-area country can spread to the entire currency union. This briefing outlines different strategies for reducing sovereign debt. In particular, it looks at whether a stronger role for the EU could help to reduce debt – or whether this should be left to the member states. More ...

The Brexit and the Future of the EU

An abbreviation of British exit, in the same vein as the long feared yet unfulfilled Grexit, the Brexit refers to the prospect of Britain seceding from the European Union. To date, there has been much speculation regarding the implications of a British exit from the EU, but few concrete conclusions have been drawn. However, as […] More ...


Do we need European taxes?
Europa Briefing: European taxes

In recent years, tax evasion scandals brought the topic of tax regime differences in Europe back to the centre of public interest. This briefing explains what types of tax regulations already exist in the Single Market and which reforms are currently under discussion. Looking to the future, it also discusses the arguments in favour and against European taxes. More ...