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Asia and Europe: Prospects for Asia-Europe Economic Cooperation in a New World Order
GED participates in the Asia-Europe Economic Forum 2017 in Seoul

The 14th Asia-Europe Economic Forum (AEEF), which took place in Seoul from September 20-21, 2017, included sessions on international trade and investment, the 4th industrial revolution and macroeconomic policy coordination among others. Special consideration was given to the role of European-Asian economic cooperation in times of Trump and Brexit. More ...

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Downgrading or Upgrading NAFTA?
NAFTA’s economic pros and cons in a nutshell

Negotiations on the North American Free Trade Agreement will go into the third round this weekend (23-27 September) in Ottawa. In the talks, which are always burdened by critical statements and Twitter messages from US President Donald Trump, however, all options still seem to be on the table. Both a successful modernization of the trade deal as well as a complete failure of the negotiations and a possible withdrawal from NAFTA are conceivable. More ...

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GED Focus Paper: Trump & Brexit – European-Asian Economic Relations Under New Conditions
Asia and Europe need each other and there is more room to intensify interregional cooperation

The Economic Ministers of the 53 member states of the Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) are convening in Seoul from September 21 to 22, 2017. Given the rising protectionism worldwide and especially U.S. president Donald Trump’s nationalistic economic policy, we argue that this meeting is an opportunity to signal good economic cooperation beetween Asia and Europe. More ...

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GED Video: The Crossroads India
Growth and Growing Pains

In recent years, India has emerged as one of the globe’s fastest growing economies. Overall, the country has has averaged seven percent growth annually over the last decade. How has India’s digital transition helped push this growth? And can digital tools help make this growth accessible for all? More ...

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The Global Impact of a Protectionist US Trade Policy
What can theory tell us about how Trump's trade policy might affect the world economy?

Since the election of Donald Trump, there has been a growing danger that U.S. trade policy increasingly relies on protectionist measures. The aim of this policy is to secure jobs and income in its own country. In reality, however, protectionist measures mean that the weakening of international trade triggered by the U.S. is leading to a loss of income worldwide, especially in the U.S. More ...

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Factory Europe
How does Europe tie in with global value chains?

From design to marketing, through the assembly of different intermediate goods or the distribution, global value chains are a structural and vital part of the global trade market. We examine how the factory Europe ties into the rest of the world. More ...


The Crossroads: Argentina

The Crossroads is a new video series from the GED team that focuses on decisive moments for different economies. In our first episode we take a look at Argentina, a country facing turbulent economic conditions and an ongoing debt crisis just as it prepares for crucial presidential elections in October 2015. More ...

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Can the West Learn From East Asia?
East Asian Economies can Strengthen Global Trade and Economic Cooperation

    Trade and economic cooperation always remain in the foreground of international relations as they have a direct and immediate influence on conduct of business in the bilateral and multilateral relations, and in the multilateral governance systems.   A Decade of Crisis and Disruptive Transition   The post financial crisis decade has brought out […] More ...

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The Crossroads: Cuba

As the US and Cuba reopen their embassies in each other's countries Cuba finds itself at a crossroads. Which path into the future will it follow? This is the second installment of the GED team's new video series "The Crossroads". More ...