Our Mission

The mission of Bertelsmann Stiftung’s Global Economic Dynamics (GED) project is to contribute insights and orientation for the general public, professionals and policymakers toward a fair and sustainable integrated world economy.

We identify some of the most important trends which will shape the future course of globalization, analyze their economic as well as political implications, and deduce recommendations to improve the capacity of national, regional, and international institutions to deal with them.

Our focus is on

  • new technological developments (“Digitization and Innovation”)
  • salient patterns of international trade and investment (“Trade and Investment”)
  • the integration of national economies (“Globalization”),
  • and the social and ecological transformation of economies (“Sustainability”).

Across these four topics, we

  • produce our own research (“GED Publications”),
  • review important contributions of other scholars or think tanks (“GED Reads”),
  • illustrate complex interrelations through stories (“GED Videos”),
  • and facilitate face-to-face and virtual dialogue (“GED Events”).

Since we are based in Germany, the opportunities and challenges of global economic dynamics to the German social market economy and the European Union lie at the heart of our work.

But as the study of globalization would be incomplete without paying close attention to the interactions of major economies, we also look at what is going on beyond Europe’s borders.

Our Team

Andreas Esche Director Bertelsmann Stiftung Telefon: +49 5241 81 81333 E-Mail: Nachricht schreiben Profil
Thomas Rausch Head of Project Bertelsmann Stiftung Telefon: +49(5241)81-81330 E-Mail: Nachricht schreiben Twitter Profil
Dr. Thieß Petersen Senior Advisor Bertelsmann Stiftung Telefon: +49 5241 8181218 E-Mail: Nachricht schreiben Twitter Profil
Dr. Cora Jungbluth Senior Expert Bertelsmann Stiftung Telefon: +49 5241 81-81482 E-Mail: Nachricht schreiben Twitter LinkedIn Profil
Dr. Christian Bluth Senior Expert Bertelsmann Stiftung Telefon: +49 5241 81-81329 E-Mail: Nachricht schreiben Twitter Profil
Sabrina Gnida Program Assistant (on parental leave) Bertelsmann Stiftung Telefon: +49 5241 81 81353 E-Mail: Nachricht schreiben Profil
Sabine Feige Program Assistant Bertelsmann Stiftung Profil