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The Anatomy of the U.S. Balance of Trade
Why are Trade Sanctions mainly directed against China and the EU?

  Already during the election campaign Donald Trump had announced protectionist measures to reduce the high trade deficit of the U.S. Since March 2018 at the latest, this announcement has taken on ever more concrete form. The trade sanctions were initially mainly directed against China. But the European Union (EU) will not be spared either. […] More ...

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Globalization Report 2018: What about the NAFTA Countries?
Interconnectedness of the three countries beyond the FIFA World Cup 2026

The FIFA World Cup 2026 will take place in the three member states of the North-American Free Trade Area (NAFTA) – Mexico, Canada and the United States. This was officially announced today (June 13th, 2018). This huge event will certainly enhance the international interconnectedness of the three countries not only in the fields of sports, but also in many other areas. We take this as an occasion to look at the level of globalization the three NAFTA members have reached already and how much they have benefitted so far from increasing international interconnectedness. We base this analysis on our “Globalization Report 2018“ which we published last week (June 8th, 2018). More ...

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