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GED @ ... the Asia Europe Economic Forum 2015

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The Asia Europe Economic Forum will take place this year in Paris from October 1st to 2nd, giving for the twelfth time economists and practitioners from Asia and Europe the occasion for in-depth discussions about global issues of mutual interest.

At this year’s conference entitled “Global Governance of Public Goods: Asian and European Perspectives” the GED team chairs one of the five session on the topic of “The Economics of Climate Change”.

The Economics of Climate Change focuses on the costs and benefits of mitigation and adaption measures to climate change and the session will bring up questions like how the historical cost of climate change should be dealt with or which economic instruments are successful in climate change mitigation.

The experts taking part in the panel discussion are amongst others Jean-Francois Di Meglio, President of the Asia Centre in Paris and Mitsutsune Yamaguchi, Special Advisor at the Research Institute of Innovative Technology for the Earth in Kyoto and co-author of the IPCC report 2014 about Mitigation of Climate Change.

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