Dr. Jan Arpe
Project Manager,
Bertelsmann Stiftung

Jan joined the Bertelsmann Stiftung in July 2008. Since then he has worked on projects related to demographic change, societal trust and the development of the blog “FutureChallenges”. From 2010 onwards he has specialized in global economics with a focus on risk analysis and data visualization.

For the Global Economic Dynamics (GED) project he is currently concentrating on data visualization, data analysis and complexity economics. Jan is especially interested in the digital revolution, economic modelling and new approaches to economic thinking—including agent-based modelling and behavioral economics.

Jan studied mathematics and computer science at the University of Mainz and the LMU Munich. He received a PhD in theoretical computer science from the University of Lübeck, Germany. Prior to joining the Bertelsmann Stiftung, he was a research fellow at the Department of Statistics at the University of California at Berkeley, USA.

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GED VIZ in the Media

GED VIZ is the online tool created by Global Economic Dynamics. Its aim is to visualize complex global economic relations. Please find a selection of the media coverage here.   Design Tagebuch: “Datenvisualisierung: Globalisierung verstehen und vermitteln” Sivva (Frankreich): “Blog UniVersDoc: GED Viz, Un Nouvel Outil De Datavisualisation Par Bertelsmann Publié Sous Licence Libre” CSS Design […] More ...

Cover image of LeadAwards 2014 showing five people screaming franticly out of joy for having one a prize

GED VIZ - Nomination for the LeadAwards 2014

  GED VIZ was nominated for the LeadAwards 2014 in the category “Webfeature of the Year”. The accompanying exhibition “VisualLeader – the Best of Magazines and Internet” presenting the nominees is currently taking place at Deichtorhallen, Hamburg. More ...

Asymmetric Globalization

This Video „Asymmetric Globalization“ investigates the question whether the world is really converging. So we look how countries have become more different since the 1990s. More ...

Image showing a globe with arrows going from China to India

China and India - Global Economic Axis of the Future?

  China and India are growing at rates that Western industrialized countries can only dream of. Experts see these two Asian heavyweights as important drivers for the future of the global economy. A free trade agreement now in the planning stage could further increase their influence in the global marketplace. More ...

Photo showing Jeremy Abbett

GED @ ... the "TELL-A-VIZ" Event

Over 100 guests gathered in Berlin to discuss our data visualization tool GED VIZ. Among the speakers were experts like Robert Kosara (Tableau Software) and Jeremy Abbett (Google). More ...


Study: The Economic Risks of Globalization

Globalization has brought not only greater wealth, but also greater risks for the world economy. The publication provides Information on how experts from 35 countries view the risk to the worldwide economy and how likely they consider a global risk management to be. More ...