Visualization Tools: GED Viz and FTA Vis (14)
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The GED Team Presents: FTA VIS

Our new data visualization tool FTA VIS allows you to explore the evolution of free trade agreements all over the world. Learn how to use the tool here. More ...



Explore and Share What Globalization Is About – GED VIZ is a new web tool for visualizing complex economic relations. As part of the Global Economic Dynamics project (GED), GED VIZ makes global dynamics of trade, finance and migration flows tangible and enables a visual approach to accessing complex datasets. More ...

Kantar Award Information is Beautiful Award 2014

How to Visualize (the Development of) Global Trade Cooperation?

For those of us using and studying data every day, the opportunity to make something visually beautiful with numbers is enticing and rewarding. It’s even better to be recognized for it. So we’re happy to have been short-listed for the Kantar Information Is Beautiful Awards More ...

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GED VIZ - Nomination for the LeadAwards 2014

  GED VIZ was nominated for the LeadAwards 2014 in the category “Webfeature of the Year”. The accompanying exhibition “VisualLeader – the Best of Magazines and Internet” presenting the nominees is currently taking place at Deichtorhallen, Hamburg. More ...

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