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10 Years after Lehman - Is an Economic Crisis on the Horizon? (Part 2)
Economic Crisis: Where are we today?

  In the last blog I showed what the basic pattern of serious economic crises looks like. In the past, such economic slumps were often triggered by a burst of speculative bubbles. In this post you get insights on the prerequisites of speculative bubbles.   An important prerequisite for a speculative bubble – high liquidity – […] More ...

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10 Years After Lehman - Does another Economic Crisis loom? (Part 1)
What are the central causes of an economic crisis?

  In September 2008, the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers triggered the worst economic slump since the global economic crisis in the 1930s. Both crises were triggered by the bursting of a speculative bubble and the associated stock market crash. Unfortunately, the basic conditions for such a crash are once again in place.  Learn in this […] More ...

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The Global Economic Balance of Power is Shifting
Will the emerging and developing countries replace the advanced economies?

In recent years, GDP has grown at much higher rates in emerging markets such as China and India than in Western industrialised countries. In the advanced economies, fears of being replaced are increasing. This may be true in the long term, but in the near future, industrialised nations of the West will remain those with the greatest economic power. More ...

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