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An Emergency Exit for the Currency Union?
Europa Briefing: Leaving the euro

Up to now, the European Treaties provide no option for leaving the euro. While this protects the currency from speculative attacks, the lack of an exit option also constrains the room for political manoeuvre in times of crisis. This briefing looks at why the euro was designed as a one-way-street, examines the potential consequences if an exit option was introduced and provides alternative scenarios to a full-blown exit. More ...


Do We Need European Taxes?
Europa Briefing: European taxes

In recent years, tax evasion scandals brought the topic of tax regime differences in Europe back to the centre of public interest. This briefing explains what types of tax regulations already exist in the Single Market and which reforms are currently under discussion. Looking to the future, it also discusses the arguments in favour and against European taxes. More ...


Do We Need an EU Solution for Sovereign Debt?
Europa Briefing: Sovereign Debt

High levels of sovereign debt have become a hotly-debated issue in the Eurozone. The euro crisis has shown how difficulties in one euro-area country can spread to the entire currency union. This briefing outlines different strategies for reducing sovereign debt. In particular, it looks at whether a stronger role for the EU could help to reduce debt – or whether this should be left to the member states. More ...


Is the ECB's Policy of Low Interest Rates Correct?
Europa Briefing: Low Interest Rates

Over the past year, the ECB has implemented a low interest rate policy in order to revive the economy and stabilise inflation in the euro area. This includes an asset-buying program known as quantitative easing or QE. This briefing examines both benefits and risks of such a policy. How imminent are such risks and what other options for governments could there be? More ...

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