Photo: Thomas Kunsch, Image Source
Photo: Thomas Kunsch, Image Source

The Global Economic Dynamics (GED) team and the Representation of the European Commission in Germany will bring together top panelists from several high-profile institutions to discuss Europe’s trade and investment policy, in a high-level roundtable. The session will be held on the 27th November at 10:00 CET in Berlin.

Guest speakers will include Viviane Reding (EP, INTA-Committee), Richard Kühnel (European Commission, Berlin), Matthias Machnig (State Secretary for the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy – to be confirmed) and Dr. Ulrich Schoof (Senior Project Manager, Shaping Sustainable Economies Program in the Bertelsmann Stiftung). The discussion will have Bertelsmann Stiftung’s CEO, Art De Geus, as moderator.

Recent developments, such as the refugees’ crisis and the negotiations involving TTIP – a potentially ground-breaking trade agreement between the EU and the USA – have made European trade policy the focus of much public debate. Therefore, questions such as How can that work for an “isolated” community policy if the other relevant fields are not community policies? arise.

In its new “trade for all…” trade and investment strategy, the EU Commission is now testing this balancing act.

Can it succeed by using a new approach?

  • How can the strategy be successfully implemented?
  • What are the concrete communications and institutional measures needed to create greater popular support in Europe for trade policy?
  • How can a European trade and investment policy contribute to modernizing the WTO, in order to make it better prepared as an institution for changing world trade?

We are all looking forward to hear what the top-class guests have to say!

Watch the video with remarks from high level speakers on TTIP, public opinion and regulatory convergence at the Global Economic Symposium 2015.