Despite poverty rates above 50% in 2000 and the decades long conflict with FARC, Colombia has achieved remarkable growth in the last 5 years, reducing the population living in poverty by almost half and growing the economy at one of the fastest rates in Latin America. On the cusp of resolving the long standing conflict with the guerrilla group, FARC, GED’s Samuel George traveled to Colombia and spoke with Finance Minister, Mauricio Cárdenas.

According to him

“Colombia faces a changed world economy”


Lower oil prices, an impending US interest rate hike and an uncertain Chinese economy, he admitted, will all play a role how well the Colombian economy performs in the coming years. Mr. Cárdenas, however spoke with optimism regarding the future.

Colombia is a country that has been successful in the middle of conflict. It stands to reason that it would be even more successful in peace.

Watch the full interview below.


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