The Board’s report will draw on the perspectives and experience of the Board members. In addition to this report, the Board will draft or commission a number of papers on specific aspects of the challenges and opportunities that confront the trading system. Drafts of background papers will be made publically available once they have been dicussed and reviewed. These papers will address the following subjects:


  • Strengthening the WTO: A Synthesis of Existing Research and Critiques
  • Implications of the Changing Structure of World Trade for Political Economy Dynamics and Governance of the Multilateral Trading System
  • Improving Institutional Learning in the WTO
  • Building Multilateralism on Plurilateral Initiatives


These papers are commissioned by the Bertelsmann Stiftung on behalf of the Board and are written by established experts in their fields. They do not form part of the Board’s own work but are intended to inform its discussions and contribute to a better understanding of opportunities and the challenges that must be addressed.