Should the EU Intervene?
Europa Briefing: Imbalances

Imbalances are a recurring problem in the EU. Especially differences in trade balances dominate the debate. Germany, for instance, has been generating very high surpluses for years and meets serious criticism for this reason. This briefing examines whether imbalances pose a threat to the EU and what role the euro plays in this. More ...

currency union

An Emergency Exit for the Currency Union?
Europa Briefing: Leaving the euro

Up to now, the European Treaties provide no option for leaving the euro. While this protects the currency from speculative attacks, the lack of an exit option also constrains the room for political manoeuvre in times of crisis. This briefing looks at why the euro was designed as a one-way-street, examines the potential consequences if an exit option was introduced and provides alternative scenarios to a full-blown exit. More ...

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