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World Trade Organization: What Way Forward for Trade Dispute Settlement?
New ideas on how to treat the current crisis of the World trade organizations Appellate Body

The dispute settlement body of the WTO performs an important role in adjudicating trade disputes. In this new GED Focus Paper, international trade law expert Robert McDougall proposes some fresh ideas on how to treat the current crisis of the WTO Appellate Body as a chance to improve and update trade dispute resolution at the WTO. More ...

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The Rage Against Globalization Shows Up In the Voting Booth
Populism in Germany: New paper shows how trade influenced voters in the past two elections

This GED Focus Paper looks at imports and voting results in Germany. By measuring Chinese import penetration and running a set of linear regression models, the paper finds that districts more heavily exposed to import penetration showed an increased propensity to support the anti-globalization oriented, right-wing populist AfD party during the 2013 and 2017 elections. More ...

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Shades of 2008 - Unprecedented Levels of China's Debt Threaten the Entire Global Economy
Scaling China's Great Wall of Debt Will Require More than Smoke and Mirrors

The figures of the Chinese debts are subject to ongoing discussion among economists. Will the enormous rise in Chinese corporate and private debt lead to another global financial crisis or will it be managed by the Chinese government? If China’s debt management fails, the macroeconomic effects are expected to overshadow the catastrophic effects of the 2008 financial and economic crises by large. More ...

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What Needs to Change at The WTO?
Our Panel of Experts presents our Recommendations at Public Forum 2018

The World Trade Organization (WTO) serves as a place where trade policy issues are addressed, disputes arbitrated, legal frameworks derived and enforced. The Bertelsmann Stiftung’s Expert Board on the Future of Trade Governance has released a report that elaborates a series of feasible policy recommendations that will increase the effectiveness and salience of the WTO. More ...

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North Americans Remain United on Trade but Divided on NAFTA
What do the people in the USA but also in Canada and Mexico think?

President Trump has referred to NAFTA as the worst deal ever – but what do the people in the USA but also in Canada and Mexico think? A new study commissioned by the GED team finds that Canadians and Mexicans are generally in favour of NAFTA but that US Americans are divided. Click the download link to find more interesting insights from our study. More ...

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