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FTAs in the 21st Century & the “Domino Effect”

The fall and breakup of the Soviet Union opened a new era of Free Trade Agreements. But was the opening up of former communist ruled markets the only reason for the dramatic increase in FTAs during the 90's? More ...

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The GED Team Presents: FTA VIS

Our new data visualization tool FTA VIS allows you to explore the evolution of free trade agreements all over the world. Learn how to use the tool here. More ...


GED VIZ in the Media

GED VIZ is the online tool created by Global Economic Dynamics. Its aim is to visualize complex global economic relations. Please find a selection of the media coverage here.   Design Tagebuch: “Datenvisualisierung: Globalisierung verstehen und vermitteln” Sivva (Frankreich): “Blog UniVersDoc: GED Viz, Un Nouvel Outil De Datavisualisation Par Bertelsmann Publié Sous Licence Libre” CSS Design […] More ...

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