How Much Will Brexit Impact the UK's Trading Power?
Calculating the Effects of Brexit on an EU-India Free Trade Agreement

Since June 2007 India and the EU have undergone negotiations for a comprehensive trade deal. This blogpost will look at the effects of Brexit on an EU-India Free Trade Agreement and will assess whether the UK could compete with the EU for a future FTA with India, which is continuing to expand its role as a major player in global trade. More ...

Brexit - Questions and Answers

Calculating an UK Exit from the EU – Questions and Answers

In our Brexit policy brief last week we found that an UK – EU separation could potentially have sizeable negative effects on both the continent and especially on the UK itself. While generally well received, there have also been some negative voices concerning our report. This article then shall serve to answer those critics’ questions, clarify our findings and correct some misunderstandings. More ...

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UK at the Crossroad: Why Voters Should Care about a Brexit

As seen from the continent, one would think that ahead of the upcoming general election a potential Brexit - Britain exiting the EU- is the hottest topic agitating public debate. However it seems that, despite growing concerns in the City, UK voters attach little importance to the Brexit question More ...