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Caught in the Crossfire of the US-China Trade War
Implications for the US, China and the EU

Once again, a tweet by US President Donald Trump has put the world in shock: Shortly before the next negotiations with China, Trump pushed ahead with further punitive measures and increased customs duties on Chinese imports worth USD 200 billion from 10 to 25 percent. China retaliated in kind. What does this mean for China and specially the EU, which has been caught in the crossfire of Trump's criticism, too? More ...

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The Tide is Turning: How Emerging Markets are catching up as Global Investors
Should We Worry?

Developed economies have dominated global FDI flows in the past, with outsourcing of labor-intensive production from high-wage industrialized countries (like Germany) to low-wage developing countries (like China). No longer. Since the global financial crisis, this pattern has started to shift, with China emerging as a major global investor. The textile and electronic industry are classic […] More ...

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GED Under the Radar - June Edition
This month under the radar: Can China grow forever? Has globalization reached its peak? And Is the Great Barrier Reef “too big to fail”?

Sometimes, stories of interest fall through the cracks of the mainstream attention. In GED Under the Radar, we bring you those stories you might have missed in June. This month under the radar: Can China grow forever? Has globalization reached its peak? And Is the Great Barrier Reef “too big to fail”? More ...

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How Trump’s Actions Reshuffle Trade Relations in the Asia-Pacific
As the TPP seems knocked-out, Asian countries need to rethink trade coalitions

Trump’s executive order to pull the US out of the TPP is one decisive example of the geopolitical and economic implications of the new president’s trade policy: Not only does the pullback of the US force Asian countries to reassess years of trade negotiations as well as the challenges that lie ahead. It also reshuffles the geopolitics of trade in the Asia-Pacific and potentially makes room to China to reassert its role in this very region. More ...

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US-China Relations – The Next Big Issue for America’s New President
Is China stealing America's spotlight?

Trump vs. Clinton – On 8th November, the USA elects a new president. During the campaign, China was portrayed as the embodiment of globalization trends and held responsible for what appear to be the increasingly negative effects of globalization on the USA’s economy. Will the USA, once the most prominent champion of free trade, become drawn into a downward spiral of protectionism? More ...

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Chinese Direct Investment in Germany
Chance and Challenge

Over the last years China has steadily increased their investments into countries outside of Asia, often being greeted with mixed feelings by other countries. Our study has analyzed Chinese foreign direct investment over recent years in Germany and reached mixed conclusions. More ...

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5 Reasons for the Global Trade Slowdown

Since the fall of the Iron Curtain, the volume of global trade has been characterized in part by double-digit growth rates. Yet evidence shows that this growth has declined steeply since 2012. This piece examines the reasons for the decreasing dynamism of global trade. More ...

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China and India - Global Economic Axis of the Future?

  China and India are growing at rates that Western industrialized countries can only dream of. Experts see these two Asian heavyweights as important drivers for the future of the global economy. A free trade agreement now in the planning stage could further increase their influence in the global marketplace. More ...