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How Deflationary is Digitisation?

In his book ‘The Price of Tomorrow,’ Canadian technological entrepreneur Jeff Booth engages in the debate about the global effects of digitization on inflation. I talked with him about the central thesis of his book and discussed some of his personal views. More ...

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Digitalization, Trade and Politics
Historical experience suggest that political decision-makers are likely to listen to the interests of capital owners and employees who are losers in the new digital economy

Digitalization not only reduces an organization’s costs of production, but also the costs of cross-border trade. In a global economy, advancing digitalization can result in one more factor causing realignment of traditional trading patterns and can accelerate the structural change of the entire global economy. This can and will result in income losses for certain […] More ...

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Who Really Wins from the Digital Economy?
New video shows how digital disruption reshapes economic opportunities around the globe

Digitization is rapidly re-assembling the nuts and bolts of the global economy. Its disruptions are profound but uneven. From Cuba to Mozambique, from Argentina to India people, companies and governments have found different strategies to cope with the new digital world and a digital economy. In the latest entry to our Crossroads series Samuel George traces down how. Join him on his journey around the globe! More ...

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Will the Digital Economy Change the Rules of the Game in the World Economy?
Monopolies and Superstar Firms

A central prerequisite for a functioning market economy is that there are many companies and many consumers. In this case, nobody has market power, which can be used to the detriment of others. The digital economy could change the situation. Special features in the cost structure and characteristics of digital goods can cause monopolies. The resulting superstar firms are able to increase their profits at the expense of consumers and employees. More ...