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GED Explains: Target Balances and Trade Imbalances
What do the sharp rises in target balances mean and how did this happen?

  The Target system is a payment system that clears payments within the Eurosystem (European Central Bank and national central banks). The balances of the national central banks connected to this payment system were more or less zero in the early years. However, there have been sharp rises in Target balances since the financial and […] More ...

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Study: Wage-setting Strategies for the Eurozone

  In a recent blog post we showed that the upturn of the German economy between 2000 and 2009 was primarily due to a restrictive wage policy. Our newest study seeks to answer the question whether this strategy could work for the crisis-ridden southern European countries. We look at three different wage-setting scenarios:   Reference […] More ...

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The Euro Crisis: Is Trade the Solution?

Five years have passed for the European Union to consider the causes of the Euro Crisis; five years to implement reforms, and five years to kickstart growth. So where do we really stand? How did we get here? And what is left to do? We sat down with some experts from both sides of the debate to find answers More ...