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Time for New Allies? The EU Should Push EU Asia Economic Relations
Thoughts on the eve of the ASEM: Global Partners for Global Challenges, Summit

The Economic Ministers of the 53 member states of the Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) are convening in Seoul from September 21 to 22, 2017. Given the rising protectionism worldwide and especially U.S. president Donald Trump’s nationalistic economic policy, we argue that this meeting is an opportunity to signal good economic cooperation beetween Asia and Europe. More ...

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What Kind of Coordination for the Eurozone?
Europa Briefing: Economic Government

During the euro crisis, decisions had to be made under enormous time pressure. New institutions and rules were created. This briefing looks at how decisions in the Eurozone are made today and whether there is a democratic deficit. Does the currency union need new and better control mechanisms - maybe even up to the point of a genuine European economic government? More ...

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GED Under the Radar - July Edition
This month under the radar: Venezuela's desperate fight against inflation, Burgernomics and the rising prices of European breakfasts!

Sometimes, stories of interest fall through the cracks of the mainstream attention. In GED Under the Radar, we bring you those stories you might have missed in July. This month under the radar: Venezuela's desperate fight against inflation, Burgernomics and the rising prices of European breakfasts! More ...


How Much Will Brexit Impact the UK's Trading Power?
Calculating the Effects of Brexit on an EU-India Free Trade Agreement

Since June 2007 India and the EU have undergone negotiations for a comprehensive trade deal. This blogpost will look at the effects of Brexit on an EU-India Free Trade Agreement and will assess whether the UK could compete with the EU for a future FTA with India, which is continuing to expand its role as a major player in global trade. More ...

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Webinar Recording - Who benefits from an EU India Trade Deal ?

Talks between India and the EU about a possible Free Trade Agreement (FTA) have been going on for some while now and have been anything but easy so far. The recording of our latest GED webinar tells you the economic effects such an agreement could potentially have. More ...

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French Elections Round-Up Part Three: Trade and Globalization
Examining France’s role in international trade and attitudes towards globalisation

In this mini-series, the GED project will present to you not only the most pressing issues at stake in France's, but also the corresponding solutions each of the five main candidates proposes. In this third take, we will take a closer look at France’s role in international trade and at attitudes towards globalization. More ...

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Brexit Has Just Been Triggered – What Happens Next?
The UK is officially leaving the European Union. We take a closer look at how this works and what happens now.

Today, on March 29, Prime Minister Theresa May will formally notify the European Council of the United Kingdom’s decision to withdraw from the European Union. With this notification begins the two year period, which is foreseen by Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty for the withdrawal from the EU. Still there are many questions that remain unclear. We tell you what to expect next. More ...

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GED Webinar: The EU-Japan Trade Agreement
Learn more about the economic effects and policy implications of the next big trade deal

TTIP is seemingly breathing its last breath and President Donald Trump declared the US’ official withdrawal from TPP. Are mega-regional trade agreements at an end then? Not quite. Nowadays many experts are looking at the trade deal negotiations between the EU and Japan to set a renewed signal against protectionism and for free trade among the global economic community. More ...

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EU-Japan: Free Trade Agreement Commitment to Economic Cooperation
Learn all about the effects of the proposed trade deal in our newest GED Study!

A new study of the ifo Institute on behalf of Bertelsmann Stiftung shows that both the EU and Japan could gain additional benefit from a free trade agreement. More importantly, however, the agreement would signal a clear commitment to economic cooperation and free trade in the era of Brexit and Trump. More ...

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Brexit – What Road Ahead?
Essential Questions Defining the Future EU-UK Relationship

In December 2016, the GED Team held the “Bertelsmann Stiftung European Forum in Association With Financial Times”, debating on our panel the future of Brexit and the EU-UK relationship. The following three animated videos each represent a distinct thematic bloc of our Brexit debate. Watch them, get excited and check back soon for the video of the full debate! More ...

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What Drives Populism in Europe?
From Globalization to Migration – An analysis of the existing academic literature

2016 has been a year of rising populism for Europe and the world. From Brexit to Trump, from UKIP to the AfD, it seems that pandering to emotions instead of appealing to facts has become more and more a winning strategy. We want to know why. In a comparison of four distinct studies, this blogpost summarizes the most recent findings to try to explain the rise and appeal of populism in Europe. More ...

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EU-Russia Sanctions: An Unsteady Deadlock
What's next for EU-Russia relations?

The European Union and Russia have been locked in an economic struggle over Ukraine for two years. With Donald Trump the next president of the United States, the West’s Russia policy might substantially change – and Europe’s Eastern policy is today more uncertain than ever More ...

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TTIP, TPP, RCEP… How Do Mega Trade Deals Affect Your Country?
Find out with the all new GED Fact Sheets!

  CLICK HERE TO SEE THE ALL NEW GED FACT SHEETS!   Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) have been spreading across the global economy for the past 25 years (see our Data Visualization Tool FTA VIS). Recently we have been witnessing the emergence of mega-regional trade agreements, such as the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the Transatlantic Trade and […] More ...

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Free Trade Needs to Be Fair Trade

Ulrike Lunacek Member, Group of the Greens/European Free Alliance speaks on TTIP at the European Forum Alpbach 2015. See here her full remarks in a short video! More ...

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Transatlantic Data Flows and Data Protection: The State of the Debate

Last week we talked about the benefits and challenges of transatlantic data flows in the 21st century. This week we want to look at the challenges in particular, though in a less theoretical light. We want to explore, what the state of play regarding data flows and data protection between the EU and the US is right now. What regulatory systems are in place and what are the immediate developments we can expect in this relationship. More ...

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UPCOMING: GED-Seminar on Digital Trade
“Shaping Free & Safe Transatlantic Data Flows: Benefits & Challenges”

Over the past twenty years, cross-border data flows have become a strategic and necessary element of the transatlantic economic relationship. But while they contribute highly to vast economic growth on both sides they also come with their own set of complex regulatory burdens and risks. On our “Transatlantic Data Flow Conference” we want to discuss those benefits and challenges and think about how to best shape data flows between the US and the EU in the future. More ...

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GED @ ... Seminar on Digital Trade

To discuss both the benefits and challenges of transatlantic data flows and how to shape such flows in a free and save way for the future, the GED team together with the “Global Economy and Development” program at the Brookings Institution will be holding a conference in Berlin on May 26th. More ...

Brexit - Questions and Answers

Calculating an UK Exit from the EU – Questions and Answers

In our Brexit policy brief last week we found that an UK – EU separation could potentially have sizeable negative effects on both the continent and especially on the UK itself. While generally well received, there have also been some negative voices concerning our report. This article then shall serve to answer those critics’ questions, clarify our findings and correct some misunderstandings. More ...

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UK at the Crossroad: Why Voters Should Care about a Brexit

As seen from the continent, one would think that ahead of the upcoming general election a potential Brexit - Britain exiting the EU- is the hottest topic agitating public debate. However it seems that, despite growing concerns in the City, UK voters attach little importance to the Brexit question More ...

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Study: How Germany Benefits from the Euro in Economic Terms

Since the advent of the European sovereign debt crisis German citizens have voiced mounting criticism of the European Monetary Union and of the euro. However, German economic growth and indeed the German labour market both benefit to a considerable extent from the euro. More ...