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What Kind of Coordination for the Eurozone?
Europa Briefing: Economic Government

During the euro crisis, decisions had to be made under enormous time pressure. New institutions and rules were created. This briefing looks at how decisions in the Eurozone are made today and whether there is a democratic deficit. Does the currency union need new and better control mechanisms - maybe even up to the point of a genuine European economic government? More ...

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Germany: From “Sick Man of Europe” to “Economic Superstar”
What are the main reasons behind this development and what is the price of economic success

During the early years of the new millennium, Germany was considered to be the “sick man of Europe”, yet since then, it has become the strongest economy on the European continent. This article describes the main reasons behind this development and in doing so also dis-cusses the price of economic success. More ...

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How to Rate Uncertainty: Sovereign Risk and the Eurozone

As the Eurozone finance ministers meet this week to discuss Greece’s ability to repay its debts, the International Non-profit Credit Rating Agency (INCRA) launched sovereign debt ratings of Germany, France, Italy, and the US. Given the potential for contagion, how will the Eurozone fare? More ...