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Yes. There Can Be Demographic Dividends with an Aging Population
Can Foreign Direct Investments (FDI’s) help increase prosperity and foster global sustainable development?

Could these different demographic and economic development stages be mutually beneficial? In this blog post we discuss whether foreign direct investments (FDIs) could help generate long-term economic growth and material prosperity producing demographic dividends for both sides. More ...

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The Tide is Turning: How Emerging Markets are catching up as Global Investors
Should We Worry?

Developed economies have dominated global FDI flows in the past, with outsourcing of labor-intensive production from high-wage industrialized countries (like Germany) to low-wage developing countries (like China). No longer. Since the global financial crisis, this pattern has started to shift, with China emerging as a major global investor. The textile and electronic industry are classic […] More ...

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Chinese Direct Investment in Germany
Chance and Challenge

Over the last years China has steadily increased their investments into countries outside of Asia, often being greeted with mixed feelings by other countries. Our study has analyzed Chinese foreign direct investment over recent years in Germany and reached mixed conclusions. More ...