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Demographics and Foreign Trade: What Are the Effects of an Aging Population on the Current Account Balance of an Economy?

The change in the age structure of a society has an impact on key macroeconomic variables, including the savings and investment ratios, the inflation rate and overall economic productivity. Our forthcoming paper outlines some central relationships between the ageing of population in developed industrial economies and their current account balances. More ...

Image showing NOTTIP Demonstrations in Brussels Image Courtesy: Global Justice Now © flickr

TTIP Behind Closed Doors: A Fresh Start for Transparency?

The eighth round of negotiations just ended in Brussels, yet it seems the question of transparency is still not resolved. Despite intense communication efforts, attempts to bring an end to the transparency debate are losing momentum. So where do we really stand on transparency? What is left to do? And how far should we go? In this video we provide some insights by experts from both sides of the debate. More ...