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Bestellt am 14.06.2019 in einer KONZERN-Lizenz füt ST-MT ID-610 | "Roadmap 2030" 103-64119-104 Travel concept with flag pushpins and world map. Bunte Nadeln sind auf einer Weltkarte gepinnt. Bestellt am 14.06.2019 in einer KONZERN-Lizenz füt ST-MT ID-610 | "Roadmap 2030" 103-64119-104

Roadmap 2030: Basic conditions for welfare-enhancing international trade

A fundamental conviction of economics is that international trade increases the material prosperity of people. There are numerous reasons for this. At the same time, however, it should be pointed out that a number of conditions must be met, since the international division of labor and the trade associated with it actually improve people's living conditions. More ...

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Downgrading or Upgrading NAFTA?
NAFTA’s economic pros and cons in a nutshell

Negotiations on the North American Free Trade Agreement will go into the third round this weekend (23-27 September) in Ottawa. In the talks, which are always burdened by critical statements and Twitter messages from US President Donald Trump, however, all options still seem to be on the table. Both a successful modernization of the trade deal as well as a complete failure of the negotiations and a possible withdrawal from NAFTA are conceivable. More ...

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Webinar Recording - Who benefits from an EU India Trade Deal ?

Talks between India and the EU about a possible Free Trade Agreement (FTA) have been going on for some while now and have been anything but easy so far. The recording of our latest GED webinar tells you the economic effects such an agreement could potentially have. More ...

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GED Webinar: The EU-Japan Trade Agreement
Learn more about the economic effects and policy implications of the next big trade deal

TTIP is seemingly breathing its last breath and President Donald Trump declared the US’ official withdrawal from TPP. Are mega-regional trade agreements at an end then? Not quite. Nowadays many experts are looking at the trade deal negotiations between the EU and Japan to set a renewed signal against protectionism and for free trade among the global economic community. More ...

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EU-Japan: Free Trade Agreement Commitment to Economic Cooperation
Learn all about the effects of the proposed trade deal in our newest GED Study!

A new study of the ifo Institute on behalf of Bertelsmann Stiftung shows that both the EU and Japan could gain additional benefit from a free trade agreement. More importantly, however, the agreement would signal a clear commitment to economic cooperation and free trade in the era of Brexit and Trump. More ...

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GED Mini-Series: Inclusiveness in the Global Trading System - How Did We Get Here?
PART ONE: How did we get here? - The history of preferential trade agreements

In our new GED-Project mini-series we examine the issue of inclusiveness in the global trading system. Part one of our four-part series will look at the history of preferential trade agreements and aim to give some insight into how we got to the current situation. More ... @ @

TFA: The Trillion Dollar Trade Deal That Just Came into Force
...And Which Hardly Anyone Noticed

On February 22, 2017 Chad, Jordan and Rwanda ratified the Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA). Thus the total number of countries having ratified this agreement exceeded the pre-defined threshold of a 110 required for it to enter into force. Interestingly, this was hardly picked up by the media. A suprising turn, given the hefty one trillion dollar cost saving tag estimated for the agreement. More ...