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Are Developed Countries Leaving the Rest of the World Behind?
A look at globalization and its consequences for global inequality

Increasing globalization has boosted economic growth around the world in the last few decades. These growth rates have always been higher in emerging countries than they have in developed industrialized nations, but what impact has globalization had on income differences between emerging and industrialized countries? More ...

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5 Reasons for the Global Trade Slowdown

Since the fall of the Iron Curtain, the volume of global trade has been characterized in part by double-digit growth rates. Yet evidence shows that this growth has declined steeply since 2012. This piece examines the reasons for the decreasing dynamism of global trade. More ...

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TTIP, TTP and the Formation of a New World Trade Order

The world of international trade is changing in a way, previously unseen. With the appearance of mega-regional FTA’s, global markets are evolving into few large and mighty trading blocs. Among those deals, TTIP represents the biggest and most ambitious project. In this post we are looking at how TTIP will impact emerging markets on an economical and a political level. More ...