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Populist economic policy - what does it mean for the global economy?
What are the typical signs of populist economic policies and how will they affect us in the long run?

A populist economic policy aims to offer citizens a life beyond their current means. The costs of this short-term increase in prosperity are inflicted on future generations. This article describes what macroeconomic consequences can be expected if large industrial nations such as the US pursue this path in their economic policy. More ...

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Xi vs. Trump – Reshuffling Global Economic Relations?
US-China relations will have considerable influence on future global developments

In 2004, the economist Oded Shenkar labeled the 21st century as the “Chinese century”. Today, it is safe to say that he was right. So where does that leave the United States? Let's find out! More ...

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GED Explains: Globalization - How Much is Too Much?
Are there limits to globalization?

Many national economies may have already reached their optimal degree of globalization, meaning that – from a purely economic viewpoint – further advances in globalization no longer make any sense for them. But how do we know what is the optimal globalization point for a country? Find out in this new episoder of GED Explains. More ...