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A Safety Net to Foster Support for Trade and Globalisation
International Survey of Attitudes towards Trade and Globalisation 2018

Given the rise of protectionist reflexes and a world on the brink of trade war, a survey by the Bertelsmann Stiftung of attitudes towards trade and globalisation gauges the temperature among people in twelve developed and emerging economies. It finds that attitudes are generally positive but that some negative side effects worry the respondents. More ...

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GED Under the Radar - June Edition
This month under the radar: Can China grow forever? Has globalization reached its peak? And Is the Great Barrier Reef “too big to fail”?

Sometimes, stories of interest fall through the cracks of the mainstream attention. In GED Under the Radar, we bring you those stories you might have missed in June. This month under the radar: Can China grow forever? Has globalization reached its peak? And Is the Great Barrier Reef “too big to fail”? More ...

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US-China Relations – The Next Big Issue for America’s New President
Is China stealing America's spotlight?

Trump vs. Clinton – On 8th November, the USA elects a new president. During the campaign, China was portrayed as the embodiment of globalization trends and held responsible for what appear to be the increasingly negative effects of globalization on the USA’s economy. Will the USA, once the most prominent champion of free trade, become drawn into a downward spiral of protectionism? More ...

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Are Developed Countries Leaving the Rest of the World Behind?
A look at globalization and its consequences for global inequality

Increasing globalization has boosted economic growth around the world in the last few decades. These growth rates have always been higher in emerging countries than they have in developed industrialized nations, but what impact has globalization had on income differences between emerging and industrialized countries? More ...

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TTIP, TPP, RCEP… How Do Mega Trade Deals Affect Your Country?
Find out with the all new GED Fact Sheets!

  CLICK HERE TO SEE THE ALL NEW GED FACT SHEETS!   Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) have been spreading across the global economy for the past 25 years (see our Data Visualization Tool FTA VIS). Recently we have been witnessing the emergence of mega-regional trade agreements, such as the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the Transatlantic Trade and […] More ...

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TTIP, TTP and the Formation of a New World Trade Order

The world of international trade is changing in a way, previously unseen. With the appearance of mega-regional FTA’s, global markets are evolving into few large and mighty trading blocs. Among those deals, TTIP represents the biggest and most ambitious project. In this post we are looking at how TTIP will impact emerging markets on an economical and a political level. More ...

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Jason Furman Welcomes but Admits Challenges to Globalization

We set out to get an opinion on how global interconnectedness affects the biggest economy and went to visit a man who President Barack Obama listens to when it comes to economic advice: Jason Furman, Chairman of the White House Council of Economic Advisers. More ...

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On the Lookout for Alternatives

In our last post we had a look at how digitalization and globalization cause income disparity in the developed world to rise. This time around we want to take a shot at predicting how these dynamics could shape the future. Based on the work of Jeremy Rifkin, Michael Spence, Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee it seems likely, that the combined effects of globalization and digitalization will have three main consequences. More ...

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The Divisive Powers of the Digital and the Global

The GED team has been trying hard to get their heads around the effects of digitalization and globalization. We have been trying to trace how these interesting bedfellows have worked hard to drag down equality in the developed world. More ...

Asymmetric Globalization

This Video „Asymmetric Globalization“ investigates the question whether the world is really converging. So we look how countries have become more different since the 1990s. More ...


Study: The Economic Risks of Globalization

Globalization has brought not only greater wealth, but also greater risks for the world economy. The publication provides Information on how experts from 35 countries view the risk to the worldwide economy and how likely they consider a global risk management to be. More ...