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GED Explains: Globalization - How Much is Too Much?
Are there limits to globalization?

Many national economies may have already reached their optimal degree of globalization, meaning that – from a purely economic viewpoint – further advances in globalization no longer make any sense for them. But how do we know what is the optimal globalization point for a country? Find out in this new episoder of GED Explains. More ...

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US-China Relations – The Next Big Issue for America’s New President
Is China stealing America's spotlight?

Trump vs. Clinton – On 8th November, the USA elects a new president. During the campaign, China was portrayed as the embodiment of globalization trends and held responsible for what appear to be the increasingly negative effects of globalization on the USA’s economy. Will the USA, once the most prominent champion of free trade, become drawn into a downward spiral of protectionism? More ...