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French Elections on May 7th: Emmanuel Macron vs. Marine Le Pen
Our last update before the election has the latest info and comparison of the two candidates

On May 7th, France will elect a new president. With Emmanuel Macron and far-right candidate Marine Le Pen scoring first and second in the first election round on April 23rd, the French will have the choice between two totally different visions for their country, their society and the future of the European project. Accordingly, also the economic programs of both candidates differ starkly from each other. More ...

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French Elections Round-Up Part Three: Trade and Globalization
Examining France’s role in international trade and attitudes towards globalisation

In this mini-series, the GED project will present to you not only the most pressing issues at stake in France's, but also the corresponding solutions each of the five main candidates proposes. In this third take, we will take a closer look at France’s role in international trade and at attitudes towards globalization. More ...

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What Drives Populism in Europe?
From Globalization to Migration – An analysis of the existing academic literature

2016 has been a year of rising populism for Europe and the world. From Brexit to Trump, from UKIP to the AfD, it seems that pandering to emotions instead of appealing to facts has become more and more a winning strategy. We want to know why. In a comparison of four distinct studies, this blogpost summarizes the most recent findings to try to explain the rise and appeal of populism in Europe. More ...