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Will Peace in Colombia Boost Growth?

In late 2015, I asked both Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos and Finance Minister Mauricio Cárdenas one simple question – what single policy could best generate sustainable growth? In separate interviews, both answered simply and without hesitation: “Peace”. More ...

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Brazil & Mega-Trade Deals
The Opportunity Cost of Opportunities Lost

A number of major economies in Latin America are not participating in the mega-deals. However, since the proposed agreements include many of their key trading partners, outsiders will still be effected. In this blog post, we have a look at how this could affect the region’s largest economy: Brazil. More ...

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A New Day in Colombia? Conversation with President Juan Manuel Santos

On September 24, 2015, Colombian President J.M. Santos and leaders of the FARC guerrilla announced a breakthrough in peace negotiations that could end a conflict that has plagued the country since the 1960s. See here a short interview with President Santos explaining what a peace deal would mean for Colombia. More ...

Die Pacific Pumas: Mexiko, Kolumbien, Peru und Chile

Study: The Pacific Pumas
An Opportunity of a Century

The Puma: A powerful, fast, agile and discreet animal. It is a fitting mascot for Mexico, Colombia, Peru and Chile. These four countries have taken great economic strides, and they are poised to emerge as regional leaders. Our new study highlights these opportunities. More ...