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Xi vs. Trump – Reshuffling Global Economic Relations?
US-China relations will have considerable influence on future global developments

In 2004, the economist Oded Shenkar labeled the 21st century as the “Chinese century”. Today, it is safe to say that he was right. So where does that leave the United States? Let's find out! More ...

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How Blockchain Technology Could Revolutionize International Trade
Is it time for trade to say goodbye to pen and paper and embrace the future?

While International trade has grown immensely over the past 20 years and exceeded USD 18 trillion in 2014, in many ways it is still dominated by old-fashioned paper-based methods rather than the latest technology. This can make trade very inefficient, expensive, slow and complex. The emergence of the blockchain technology and smart contracts promises to resolve the current problems and inefficiencies, bearing the potential to save global trade trillions of dollars. More ...

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Presidential Powers and International Trade: How Far Can Trump Go?
An array of tools could spell challenges for the international community

Many were struck by the ease by which the new US President could just undo several years of hard negotiation and knock-out one of the potentially biggest free trade agreements in history, the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), from coming into existence. Keeping this in mind, it seems worthwhile to take a closer look at what powers on trade the President actually has – and at the checks and balances in place. More ...