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Why the USA Needs a Current Account Deficit
Could Trump's protectionist plans be doubly harmful?

Once he has taken office in January 2017, Donald Trump is planning to implement protectionist measures in order to reduce the American current account deficit and thus boost the US economy. In this post we will show that the USA actually needs a current account deficit at the moment. This is the only way of financing the high level of consumption and investment. More ...


Pascal Lamy on TTIP and EU and US Regulatory Convergence
Pascal Lamy highlighted the importance of TTIP in leading the EU and the US to convergence in regulatory matters, which would impact the rest of the world

Pascal Lamy talked about a world of trade precaution instead of protection, in one of his comments at the GED sponsored “Multilateral Regionalism and Emerging Markets – Opportunities and Risks in Global Trade” panel at the Global Economic Symposium in Kiel. He highlighted the importance of TTIP in leading the EU and the US to convergence in regulatory matters, which would impact the rest of the world. More ...

Image Courtesy: Diego compact © flickr Image Courtesy: Diego compact © flickr

TTIP – the Media Debate: Who Is Reporting What, When and How?

While representatives for the EU and USA are gathering in New York for the ninth official round of TTIP negotiations, the GED-Team decided to take a closer look at the German media reporting on TTIP. Public discussions on TTIP remain a hot topic, especially in Germany. What interests the general public differs often from the agenda in New York. More ...

Image showing NOTTIP Demonstrations in Brussels Image Courtesy: Global Justice Now © flickr

TTIP Behind Closed Doors: A Fresh Start for Transparency?

The eighth round of negotiations just ended in Brussels, yet it seems the question of transparency is still not resolved. Despite intense communication efforts, attempts to bring an end to the transparency debate are losing momentum. So where do we really stand on transparency? What is left to do? And how far should we go? In this video we provide some insights by experts from both sides of the debate. More ...

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Jason Furman Welcomes but Admits Challenges to Globalization

We set out to get an opinion on how global interconnectedness affects the biggest economy and went to visit a man who President Barack Obama listens to when it comes to economic advice: Jason Furman, Chairman of the White House Council of Economic Advisers. More ...

Screenshot of Director of GED-Team Andreas Esche with the backdrop of the TTIP Conference in Rome

Unpacking the Box: Rome Conference Opens Forum for TTIP Debate

TTIP has been in the works for two years now, but many feel the negotiations have lost both momentum and direction. To spark a more constructive debate, experts from across the political, social and business sectors met at the Rome Conference to share their perspectives at the TTIP. More ...