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In the Era of Trump, Will China Take the Lead on Free Trade?
Do not enter the “dark room“ of protectionism!

While the United States has been a strong supporter of free trade and open markets for decades, China is a country rather known for its far-reaching industrial policies, more often than not on the brink of protectionism. Are these roles about to change? More ...

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Why the USA Needs a Current Account Deficit
Could Trump's protectionist plans be doubly harmful?

Once he has taken office in January 2017, Donald Trump is planning to implement protectionist measures in order to reduce the American current account deficit and thus boost the US economy. In this post we will show that the USA actually needs a current account deficit at the moment. This is the only way of financing the high level of consumption and investment. More ...

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Cuba after Castro
More money, new problems?

On November 25, 2016, a true icon of the 20th century passed away. Love him or hate him—and most people seem to pick one or the other—Fidel Castro remains one of the most recognized politicians of all time. The fact that he achieved such notoriety governing an island in an often forgotten corner of the globe is a testament to the intensity of the nerve he struck. More ...

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Donald Trump’s Trade Policy – Grab Them by the Wallet
A GED opinion piece

With the election of Donald Trump as their next president, the American people have undergone a revolution. American-born GED US correspondent Sam George shares his opinions on the election and writes about the potential consequences for American trade policy in the years to come. More ...