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TFA: The Trillion Dollar Trade Deal That Just Came into Force
...And Which Hardly Anyone Noticed

On February 22, 2017 Chad, Jordan and Rwanda ratified the Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA). Thus the total number of countries having ratified this agreement exceeded the pre-defined threshold of a 110 required for it to enter into force. Interestingly, this was hardly picked up by the media. A suprising turn, given the hefty one trillion dollar cost saving tag estimated for the agreement. More ...

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GED Under the Radar - February Edition
This month under the radar: Danish labor problems, India's poor, an angry Belarusian and French cows!

Today, we are happy to bring you a brand new segment on the ged-project blog. In it, the GED Team will present to you each month those economic stories that we found most interesting in that month but felt received less popular attention than they actually deserved. These stories can come from all over the word. They can be relevant and important for the global economic system as a whole or just affect a select group of few, they can be serious or they can be humorous. In any case they will be interesting. This is "GED Under the Radar"! More ...

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Presidential Powers and International Trade: How Far Can Trump Go?
An array of tools could spell challenges for the international community

Many were struck by the ease by which the new US President could just undo several years of hard negotiation and knock-out one of the potentially biggest free trade agreements in history, the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), from coming into existence. Keeping this in mind, it seems worthwhile to take a closer look at what powers on trade the President actually has – and at the checks and balances in place. More ...

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How Will Trump's Policy Choices Affect Europe's Economy?
After nearly three weeks in office there is still plenty of uncertainty surrounding Trump's economic policy

After nearly three weeks in office there is still plenty of uncertainty surrounding Trump's economic policy. As things stand at the moment, there are three aspects that are particularly relevant for economic development in Germany and Europe. More ...

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In the Era of Trump, Will China Take the Lead on Free Trade?
Do not enter the “dark room“ of protectionism!

While the United States has been a strong supporter of free trade and open markets for decades, China is a country rather known for its far-reaching industrial policies, more often than not on the brink of protectionism. Are these roles about to change? More ...