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How Trump’s Actions Reshuffle Trade Relations in the Asia-Pacific
As the TPP seems knocked-out, Asian countries need to rethink trade coalitions

Trump’s executive order to pull the US out of the TPP is one decisive example of the geopolitical and economic implications of the new president’s trade policy: Not only does the pullback of the US force Asian countries to reassess years of trade negotiations as well as the challenges that lie ahead. It also reshuffles the geopolitics of trade in the Asia-Pacific and potentially makes room to China to reassert its role in this very region. More ...

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Turkey & the EU: Let’s Make a Deal?
Featuring interviews with economists Daren Acemoglu and Erdal Yalcin

EU-Turkey relations have come under a lot of stress in recent times. Still a new economic deal between the two regions could be highly beneficial. Talking to the experts, we find out more. More ...