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GED Webinar: The EU-Japan Trade Agreement
Learn more about the economic effects and policy implications of the next big trade deal

TTIP is seemingly breathing its last breath and President Donald Trump declared the US’ official withdrawal from TPP. Are mega-regional trade agreements at an end then? Not quite. Nowadays many experts are looking at the trade deal negotiations between the EU and Japan to set a renewed signal against protectionism and for free trade among the global economic community. More ...

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EU-Japan: Free Trade Agreement Commitment to Economic Cooperation
Learn all about the effects of the proposed trade deal in our newest GED Study!

A new study of the ifo Institute on behalf of Bertelsmann Stiftung shows that both the EU and Japan could gain additional benefit from a free trade agreement. More importantly, however, the agreement would signal a clear commitment to economic cooperation and free trade in the era of Brexit and Trump. More ...

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GED Mini-Series: Inclusiveness in the Global Trading System - Where Are We Heading?
PART THREE: What's the current state of affairs and where are we heading?

In our new GED-Project mini-series we examine the issue of inclusiveness in the global trading system. Part three of our four-part series will take a closer look at the current state of the global trading system and the potential path it is heading on. More ...