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Brexit – What Road Ahead?
Essential Questions Defining the Future EU-UK Relationship

In December 2016, the GED Team held the “Bertelsmann Stiftung European Forum in Association With Financial Times”, debating on our panel the future of Brexit and the EU-UK relationship. The following three animated videos each represent a distinct thematic bloc of our Brexit debate. Watch them, get excited and check back soon for the video of the full debate! More ...

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What Drives Populism in Europe?
From Globalization to Migration – An analysis of the existing academic literature

2016 has been a year of rising populism for Europe and the world. From Brexit to Trump, from UKIP to the AfD, it seems that pandering to emotions instead of appealing to facts has become more and more a winning strategy. We want to know why. In a comparison of four distinct studies, this blogpost summarizes the most recent findings to try to explain the rise and appeal of populism in Europe. More ...

Italian prime minister Matteo Renzi, by Francesco Pierantoni @ Italian prime minister Matteo Renzi, by Francesco Pierantoni @

Italy’s Referendum Explained in Five Simple Steps
What is the vote about and what will be the consequences?

On Sunday December 4th, Italians will vote on the future of their state and constition. The refendum will have consequences for the EU too though. This post explains the referendum and it's possible consequences in five simple steps. More ...